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The Vegan Society certificate is a seal of approval for vegan products, which guarantees that a product does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and that the production process does not use animals or animal by-products. The certificate is issued by the Vegan Society, one of the oldest vegan organizations in the world, founded in 1944 in the United Kingdom.

Products with the Vegan Society certificate cannot contain ingredients that come from animals, such as beeswax, honey, lanolin, animal collagen or gelatin. In addition, products with the Vegan Society certificate may not have been tested on animals and may not use animal by-products in the production process, such as leather or wool.

The Vegan Society certificate is a good way to ensure that a product is truly vegan and that it meets high ethical standards. The certificate is available for a wide range of products, such as food, clothing, cosmetics and household products.