New: products with Rose Petitgrain!

Nieuw: producten met de geur van Rose Petitgrain!

Colorful news under the spring sun! We are introducing a new fragrance line that will spontaneously delight all the senses: Rose Petitgrain. The 100% natural perfume combines the freshness of bergamot and petitgrain - essential oils from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange - with the sweeter, floral notes of rose, iris and jasmine, among others. There couldn't be a better timing for this introduction because next Saturday is King's Day in the Netherlands! 

100% Natural deodorant cream Rose Petitgrain
Meet the newest addition to the sustainable HAPPY EARTH family: the Rose Petitgrain Pure Deo Cream. An ultimate caring vegan deodorant cream, in a handy, standing tube made from sugar cane, how smart is that! Ideal for on the go. The mild cream formula provides 24-hour protection and its caring properties also make the deodorant ideal for after shaving. Both beautiful armpits and taking care of Mother Nature, what else do you need?

100% Natural deodorant roller Rose Petitgrain
Would you rather use a deodorant roll-on than a cream? The Rose Petitgrain Pure Deodorant Roll-on smells just as wonderful and is also made from ingredients that make your skin and the earth happy. With a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, the deodorant is not only 100% effective, but also 100% caring. The Roll-On is free from aluminium-chlorhydrate and contains no alcohol, parabens or propellants. All signals are green for this orange deodorant roll-on!

100% Natural Shower Gel Rose Petitgrain
The Rose Petitgrain Pure Shower Gel is guaranteed to bring happiness in the morning! The 100% natural, vegan shower gel puts your skin and your mood in top condition! The wonderfully scented shower gel immediately gives you an energy boost and takes optimal care of your skin thanks to the plant-based formula with botanical extracts and essential oils. Even more reasons to cheer up: the shower gel is free of microplastics and other chemicals.

100% Natural Hand Soap Rose Petitgrain
The delicious Pure Hand Soap completes the Rose Petitgrain line. You can use the 100% natural, vegan hand soap as often as you want thanks to the mild yet effective formula. The hand soap is antibacterial, biodegradable and consists of a natural formula with botanical extracts and essential oils. 

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