Happy Earth
Happy Earth

Our mission

Happy Earth stands for natural and sustainable care. 'With a dose of cheerfulness and optimism, we create the very best products for you and for the earth.' There is a wide range of products ranging from deodorant, shower gel, hand soap, body care and bars to baby care. All products are certified 100% natural, vegan, chemical-free and microplastic-free! Happy Earth was founded by Niels and Martijn, who both have a background in large FMCG companies. They started Happy Earth based on the urge to do business more sustainably and have the freedom to make better choices.

Locally produced
We made a conscious decision to produce all products locally ánd with green energy. The packaging and raw materials are also sourced as closely as possible. The packaging is also as sustainable as possible: zero waste, plastic-free (tin), sugarcane tubes or 100% recycled plastic bottles.

“We make no concessions when it comes to sustainability. We only use one hundred percent natural certified ingredients, sustainable packaging and we produce locally with green energy.”

All products are certified for complete transparency towards the consumer. Happy Earth proudly carries the quality marks of NATRUE, Vegan Society and Zero Plastic Inside.

This way you not only take good care of yourself but also of our planet!