New: Happy Earth Body Care

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We proudly introduce a beautiful addition to our range: pure, sustainable body care! These products only contain 100% natural ingredients that make your skin happy. When you apply something to your skin, it is nice to be sure that it does not contain any polluting and unpleasant ingredients such as chemicals or other nasty additives.

Happy Earth Body Care consists of:

🌿 Soft body lotion. Happy body, happy you! The 100% natural, vegan body lotion has been specially developed for sensitive and dry body skin. Organic almond oil and shea butter help to hydrate and care for the skin in a natural way. The quickly absorbed body lotion has an allergen-free perfume that subtly smells of almond and peach. The skin feels silky soft and wonderfully hydrated.

🌸 Nourishing cream. The crème de la crème for dry to very dry skin. The 100% natural, nourishing cream boosts hydration and care, with three rich top ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter and avocado oil. The wonderfully subtle, allergen-free scent completes the caring picture.

🍀 Caring hand cream. Hands up for this wonderfully nourishing, 100% natural and vegan hand cream! This quickly absorbed, non-greasy cream is the ideal choice for daily care of your hands. The power trio of ingredients – shea butter, organic almond oil and aloe vera – softens and nourishes, and thanks to the allergen-free natural perfume, the hands smell wonderfully subtly of almond.

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