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Happy Earth
Happy Earth

100% Natural deodorant

It's a daily routine: rubbing, rolling or spraying deodorant. The purpose of deodorant is to prevent your sweat odor and to give you a confident and fresh feeling.  

But some deodorants contain parabens, alcohol or synthetic perfumes and these harmful substances can cause irritation to your armpits.

With the deodorants from Happy Earth you can be sure that you avoid this, because these are 100% natural! This means that all ingredients are of natural origin and therefore contain no chemicals or other nasty substances.

Everyone has different preferences, which is why our deodorants are available in a cork packaging, can, spray or roller. Happy Earth deo’s are also 100% effective against odors and are available in a variety of delicious scents.


Without aluminum chlorohydrate

But how does natural deodorant? Most deodorants contain aluminum chlorohydrate. This aluminum in deodorant causes the skin to dry out and clog the pores of the skin, so you sweat less. Thus, the sweat glands are blocked by this chemical and this can lead to itching or irritation.


Sweating is actually good for your body and a natural process that regulates your body temperature. The natural deodorants of Happy Earth deo are therefore free of synthetic aluminum and do not block the sweat glands.

They contain a natural mineral salt that leaves a protective layer on the skin and thus inhibits the growth of bacteria. In this way, the sweat odor is neutralized and replaced by fresh scents of natural essential oils.

Happy Earth's aluminum-free deodorants with natural ingredients are suitable for all skin types.

Your body has to get used to the fact that you no longer use chemicals, but natural ingredients on your skin. After a week, our deodorant therefore works optimally and you naturally keep smelling fresh all day long!


Best natural deodorant

Are you looking for the best natural and vegan certified deodorant? on you will find the best range of 100% natural deodorant and you will always find a deodorant that suits you.

At Happy Earth you can choose from more than twenty different types of natural deodorants.