Happy with 100% microplastic free


We believe it is important to certify our products. We do this so that there is no ambiguity for you about what we communicate and you can be sure that we have checked this properly! In addition to the NATRUE quality mark and the VEGAN SOCIETY quality mark, all our products now also have the "ZERO PLASTIC INSIDE" quality mark of the Plastic Soup Foundation!

Products with the Zero Plastic Inside quality mark are guaranteed to be 100% microplastic-free. Microplastics are small pieces of plastic that are added to many products because they are cheap and provide soft skin, for example. Because many manufacturers do this, it is known that microplastic is absorbed into your cells and can be detected in blood, for example. That is not pleasant for you, but it is also not good for the environment. Microplastic particles are not degradable and very difficult to clean up. As a result, they end up in oceans, rivers, in the air and in the ground.

We believe that microplastic does not belong in cosmetics and that is why all Happy Earth products are guaranteed to be microplastic-free!

With these quality marks we offer 100% transparency and certainty that all ingredients are obtained in a sustainable manner and that all products are produced sustainably.

  • NATRUE is the strictest and most transparent international quality mark for natural cosmetics. NATRUE guarantees the origin of ingredients and prevents Greenwashing.
  • Products with the VEGAN SOCIETY label are guaranteed to contain no animal ingredients and are guaranteed not to be tested on animals. 
  • Products with the Zero Plastic Inside quality mark are guaranteed to be 100% microplastic free.


For more information view https://www.beatthemicrobead.org/zero-products/ or download the Beat the Microbead app to see if your products contain microplastic.

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