Best baby care 2023: natural without sulphates and parabens

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Of course you want the very best for your baby and you want to protect him/her from harmful chemicals in care products. The trend of the moment is therefore natural baby care!Here a conscious choice is made to use ingredients of natural origin instead of synthetic substances. Think, for example, of ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil or jojoba oil that naturally moisturize and soften the skin. Perfect for in baby oil, baby shampoo, baby cream of baby lotion! One of the many benefits of natural baby care is that these products are often much gentler on babies' sensitive skin, reducing the risk of rashes or allergic reactions.

nfortunately, there are also products that pretend to be natural, but are not. When buying, make sure that the product really contains 100% natural ingredients (and not for example 90%) and that they are certified with a quality mark. For example, all Happy Earth products are certified natural, vegan and microplastic-free, so you don't have to worry about this!