5 Sustainable saving tips for a green beauty routine

5 Duurzame bespaartips voor een groene beauty-routine

Choosing natural care has a lot of benefits and is better for your skin and the planet, for example. But did you know that a green choice can also be better for your wallet? In this newsletter you can read 5 tips on how to make your personal care routine greener and more affordable:

1. Choose a deodorant that you fill with water yourself. Our 'Just Add Water' deodorant is the perfect choice to reduce waste. This deodorant contains natural alum stone and you can fill it with water yourself. This bottle can be refilled up to 6 times! A small step with a big impact for your skin and the environment.

2. Save money by purchasing bundles. On our webshop you will find various discount bundleswith your favorite products! A win-win situation for you and your wallet.

3. Supplement your deo spray with a refill packaging: Also on our regular deo sprays there are refill packaging available. This way you save plastic and it is also cheaper!

4. Go for multifunctional. Did you know that baby products are often also perfect for adults? Our natural, soft Baby & Kids products can also be a great addition to your own beauty routine and you will have to purchase fewer different products!

5. Replace your bottles with bars. Our shampoo and shower bars not only last a very long time, but are also 100% plastic-free and zero waste! Curious about these bars?

sustainable beauty tips

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