Why you prefer to use deodorant without aluminum chlorohydrate

Waarom je liever deodorant zonder aluminium-chloorhydraat gebruikt

We prefer to keep smelling fresh all day long! That's why we use deodorant every day. Because although sweating is a natural process of your body, sweat spots and unpleasant odors are side effects that we prefer to avoid. Antiperspirant deodorants offer effective protection against this. But that doesn't mean they are good for you. In most regular deodorants, this effective effect is due to the substance aluminum chlorohydrate. We explain to you why you should avoid this substance and why natural deodorant without aluminum is a better alternative.

What is aluminum chlorohydrate and why should you avoid it?

When you hear the word aluminum, you may immediately think of silver foil, which you use to package food. Not something you would expect in a product you put on your skin! Yet it is widely used - albeit in a different form - for cosmetics. Namely in the form of aluminum chlorohydrate.

Aluminium chlorohydrate is a salt formed by the reaction of aluminum chloride (compound of aluminum and chlorine) with water. When this substance is absorbed through the skin, blood vessels in the sweat glands contract. This temporarily inhibits the production of sweat: the reason why the substance is often added to antiperspirant deodorants.

Despite its effectiveness, aluminum chlorohydrate is not very good for your body. We don't sweat for nothing! It is a way for the body to cool down and remove waste products. If the sweat glands are closed, you disrupt this process. In addition, the substance can clog sweat glands, which can cause irritation, swelling or even inflammation of the armpit skin. In addition, it is of course not a pleasant idea that aluminum ends up in your body.

The active ingredient in deodorant without aluminum

As you've probably heard before, sweat itself has no odor. This is caused by the growth of bacteria. Deodorant without aluminum chlorohydrate therefore often uses a substance that kills these bacteria without closing the sweat glands. This way your body can continue to do its job. This substance is called alum (potassium alum). This is a mineral salt consisting of potassium, sulfur and aluminum atoms. The difference with aluminum chlorohydrate is that alum is extracted directly from natural rock. This means the substance is natural and not chemical or synthetic, which is a lot better for the skin! Moreover, the molecules of alum are too large to penetrate the skin barrier, so you do not ingest substances that are not good for you.

What are the benefits of natural deodorant without aluminum chlorohydrate?

In 100% natural deodorant obviously does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, but you will also find no chemical additives such as alcohol, parabens or propellants. They only contain active ingredients that come directly from nature, such as alum, baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils. With natural deodorant, your body always needs a few days to get used to it. Once you get used to it? Then you will smell wonderfully fresh and you will also enjoy a number of other important benefits:

1. Better for your body

With natural deodorant, sweat glands can continue to do their work. In addition, ingredients in natural care gentler on your body. Chemicals in care products quickly cause dry or irritated skin. Don't forget that everything you put on your skin ends up in your body. This also includes additives such as aluminum chlorohydrate and microplastics. And that is of course not such a pleasant idea!

 2.No streaks and stains on clothes

Another nice bonus is that deodorant without aluminum keeps your clothes tidy. Aluminium-

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