Everything you want to know about natural personal care

Alles wat je wilt weten over natuurlijke verzorging

Curious about the benefits of natural care products? We tell you why you will never want to be without natural soap, shampoo or deodorant again.

You may not always realize this, but many products that we use every day contain chemicals. For example, just look at the labels on the products in your bathroom. You've probably never heard of most of the ingredients – let alone been able to pronounce them. It wouldn't hurt to run this through Google. Because even care products that seem gentle on your skin or hair at first glance, sometimes contain ingredients that have the opposite effect.

It is therefore better to switch to natural soap, deodorant or shampoo. Natural care products have many advantages. Not only for you, but also for our planet! We explain why you might want to switch today.

What is the difference between natural and regular care products?

We already mentioned it briefly above: regular care products often contain chemicals. Consider additives such as parabens, dyes, alcohol and perfumes. But also, for example, aluminum chlorohydrate and propellants in deodorant to inhibit sweat and spray the product out of the can. Or microplastics in soap and lotion to soften or clean your skin more thoroughly. These substances are produced by humans and are not immediately available in nature. Natural care products, on the other hand, only use ingredients that come directly from nature or natural raw materials. Think of coconut oil, shea butter, minerals and essential oils.

When is a care product 100% natural?

Although sometimes the packaging states that something is a natural soap or lotion, it doesn't hurt to always check the label. It is possible that products are largely natural, but that, for example, a propellant is used or synthetic coloring has been added. With 100% natural care products – the name says it all – all ingredients actually have a natural origin.

In addition to checking the ingredients, you can also check whether a product is natural based on certifications. Organizations such as NATRUE and COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standard) are committed to a transparent cosmetics industry, in which natural ingredients, plastic-free or recyclable packaging and sustainable processes prevail. Are the products NATRUE or COSMOS certified? Then you can be sure that the ingredients are natural and the production processes are designed in a sustainable manner. And do you also want to be sure that there are no microplastics in products? Then you can easily check this by scanning the product via the app or website of Beat the microbead.

What are the benefits of 100% natural care products?

Switching to natural care products has many benefits, both for yourself and for the planet. Which? We list them for you below:

1. Better for your health

Sometimes we forget that our skin is also an organ. It absorbs the products you apply to it, causing them to enter your body. So think carefully about what you want to get! Especially if, for example, you care products for your little one Natural care products contain ingredients from nature. This means they are not harmful to your body and are therefore a lot better for your health.

2. Good for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then there is a good chance that you will react more quickly to chemicals in care products, causing your skin to dry out or become irritated. Products like natural soap in the form of a bar, do not contain alcohol, SLS / SLES and are often soap-free. And yes, soap-free soap, that does sound contradictory. But with the right combination of natural ingredients, your skin will still be clean!

3. Moisturizes your skin and hair

Care products with synthetic colors and fragrances look attractive and often smell wonderful. However, there is also a downside to this. The ingredients in these types of products, such as alcohol and parabens, ultimately only dry out your skin and hair. In natural shampoo or shower gel, ingredients such as coconut oil and other natural oils are used that respect the body. This makes your skin feel hydrated and silky soft after use and you can enjoy a healthy, shiny look.

4. Leave your body's natural processes intact

Although everyone does it, sweating remains a bit of a taboo. That is why we often close the pores in our armpits with an antiperspirant deodorant. Understandable, because no one wants to smell like sweat. But the pores in your armpits are there for a reason! They cool the skin and keep your body temperature constant. So sweating is very important. With a natural deodorant you will not close these pores, but you will neutralize the smell of sweat. This way your body can do its job and you can still smell nice and fresh at the same time.

5. Better for nature

Another big advantage of products like natural soap is that they are a lot better for our planet. You don't flush chemicals down the shower drain, which ultimately end up in nature. And the less chemical ingredients are used, the less they need to be produced. Moreover, the production of natural care products is often done in a much more sustainable way, using, for example, green energy. These types of products are also often packaged in recycled plastic or other biodegradable packaging material and are of course not tested on animals.

Now convinced of all the benefits and do you want to switch to 100% natural care products today? Then take a quick look at the HAPPY EARTH range. Happy Earth, Happy You!

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