Help, my child is sweating!

Help, mijn kind zweet!


Sweating, it's nothing to worry about: it's a natural reaction of the body to regulate its temperature. With the start of puberty, those familiar armpit odors often occur. If you notice that your child is starting to develop armpit odor, it is advisable to start with a mild, natural deodorant. Using a natural deodorant is a good choice for kids of all ages, because it is free from harmful Happy Earth substances such as aluminum chlorohydrate and other irritating nasties. At Happy Earth, we offer 100% natural deodorants that are effective, vegan and oh-so-gentle on the skin. HAPPY EARTH is therefore the perfect choice for young skin and for our planet!

About puberty sweat
During puberty, a child's body changes. At the start of puberty, hormones rush through the body and the apocrine sweat glands under the armpits also start to work. The sweat that these apocrine sweat glands secrete is the cause of armpit odor.

Choose your favorit!
With us you can choose from various wonderful scents and cheerful deodorants, which offer kids the perfect start to the day. They are also super easy to take with you and are therefore ideal for your sports or school bag. A roller, balm or spray without propellant? Kids have a choice!

Natural deodorant spray
A deodorant spray without harmful propellants: that's happy news for the skin and our planet! We managed to make a spray can with pure air. The Natural Deo Spraysare 100% natural, 100% effective and
without chemicals. They protect against unpleasant odors for 24 hours, so kids can play games, exercise or chill with friends without worries.
The 100% natural deodorant sprays are available in fresh Cedar Lime, cheerful Jasmine Ho Wood and softly sweet Lavender Ylang.

Pure deo balm
Have you ever heard of deo in a can? And did you know that tin is the most recycled form of packaging in Europe? The Happy Earth deo balms are not only plastic-free, but also 100% natural, 100% effective and contain 0% chemicals. The Deo Balms are available in no fewer than four varieties: fresh Bergamot, cheerful Jasmine Ho Wood, softly sweet Lavender Ylang and floral Patchouli.

Natural deodorant roller
Kids literally roll through the day fresh! The rollers from HAPPY EARTHare 100%
natural, 100% effective and do not contain any chemicals or other irritants. There is also plenty of choice when it comes to rollers: energetic Lemon SandalWood, softly sweet Lavender Ylang, cheerful Jasmine Ho Wood, fresh Cedar Lime and surprising Cucumber Matcha. Not a fan of the scent of the deodorant? Then the Roller Unscented is the perfect kids choice!

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