Wash your hands of course

Natuurlijk je handen wassen

You don't have to wash your hands.

Did you know that most pathogens are spread through the hands?

By washing your hands well, they become clean and the pathogenic bacteria and viruses cannot spread. 'Wash your hands broken' has not become the slogan for nothing. But of course your hands don't have to break at all with the right nurturing hand soap. In addition, a nice scent and a feeling of peace of mind for the environment is also nice. For this you have come to the right place at Happy Earth!

Our hand soaps are 100% natural, 100% effective and have wonderful scents. The antibacterial, biodegradable and plant-based formula with botanical extracts and essential oils is ideal for frequent use throughout the day. Your hands are not only clean, but also extremely well cared for. And the plant-based formula that goes down the drain won't harm the environment as they are 100% natural biodegradable ingredients.

What is the best way to wash your hands?

  • Open the tap (haha good first step)
  • Wet your hands well
  • Close the tap again
  • Press the pump and put the soap on your hands
  • Rub your hands well together
  • Make sure you also rub well between your fingers
  • Don't forget the bottom of your hand
  • Don't forget your wrists
  • Rinse well
  • Dry well
  • do a dance

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