New generation deodorant

Nieuwe generatie deodorant

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between 'traditional' and natural deodorant?

The difference is mainly in the ingredients and their active ingredients. 'Traditional' deodorants contain synthetic substances, such as non-natural forms of aluminum. This is often aluminum chlorohydrate. We are not in favor of this because aluminum chlorohydrate penetrates the pores of the skin, causing them to block. That way no perspiration takes place there.

We are increasingly making the conscious choice for natural care, without unwanted chemical additives, but with the nurturing power of nature.

HAPPY EARTH deodorants are 100% natural, provide 100% effective protection against body odor for up to 24 hours and do not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens, propellants, triclosan or mineral oils. The deodorant is not tested on animals and leaves no yellow or white stains in the clothing. The deodorant works on the basis of natural mineral salts. These leave a microscopic thin layer of mineral salts on the skin; these salts prevent the formation of body odor by bacteria, without blocking or constricting the pores. The natural process of perspiration is therefore not hindered. That makes us happy and hopefully you too!!

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