New: "Just Add Water". Refill your deo spray yourself!

Natuurlijke deo spray Just Add Water

We would like to introduce you to our latest innovation: "Just Add Water" deodorant spray! This deodorant is a pure sustainable deodorant and also the cheapest deodorant in use. The deodorant contains pieces of pure alum stone. You can fill the bottle yourself with water, which activates the effect of the alum stone and you are naturally protected against body odor for a long time. In addition, the bottle can be refilled up to 6 times! This reduces the use of plastic and saves waste. You also prevent the unnecessary transport of water and the resulting CO2 emissions!  

What makes this one deo spray so special?

  • Super easy to use: fill with water, shake and use! 
  • Refillable up to 6x, which saves a lot of plastic packaging
  • Odorless and hypoallergenic, so suitable for sensitive skin 
  • 24H long protection
  • 100% natural, vegan and microplastic free 

It should be clear: we are very happy that we can now add this special deodorant to our range! Got excited too? The Just Add Water deodorant spray is now available on our Online store. Prefer to shop offline? Then you can also find this deo spray at Kruidvat stores throughout the Netherlands.

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